Never Skimp These 3 Household Chores


Living at our luxurious Memorial Creek apartment community is a great experience. You can have the best possible time keeping your apartment in tip top shape by doing certain household chores that you should never skimp on. Apartment living ideas can give you some great pointers on this, and you will find that these particular household chores are … [Read more...]

Have a Great Cup of Coffee at Chimera Cafe


For the residents of our Memorial Creek apartment community in search of a great Tulsa coffee houses, may we suggest Chimera Cafe. Located at 212 Main Street, right here in Tulsa, The Chimera Cafe has great coffee and a whole lot more. They¬†open at 7 am 7 days a week and have great food and drinks to offer no matter what time of day you arrive. The … [Read more...]

Get Your Bedroom Organized With These 5 Tips

Bedroom Decor

Many times your bedroom ends up becoming the messiest room in your apartment because when company stops by, it's easy to shove everything inside and shut the door. But eventually the mess takes over and you have to deal with it. These great apartment organizing tips will help get that bedroom clutter under control in no time. Hang a convenient hook … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Shopping at The Tulsa Flea Market

Tulsa Flea Market

When it's time to furnish that first apartment, one of best and most interesting places to shop is the Tulsa Flea Market. These important tips can help when it comes to decorating with all those fabulous Tulsa Flea market shopping finds. Use antique rugs for more than just a floor covering. Cover a wall, hide an outdated bedroom headboard or use as a … [Read more...]

The Ceiling Fans in Your Apartments Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Ceiling Fan

The property of Memorial Creek provides an exceptional way of living. These Tulsa luxury apartments have terrific amenities, and the homes have¬†elegance, comfort, and peace for a lifestyle of ease.With the changing seasons, temperatures are slowly rising. Stay cool in the summer months with the ceiling fans. Fans are one of the best ways to keep … [Read more...]