The 13th Ward: Try Not to Lose Your Mind with Fear!

The 13th Ward

What's that through the murky fog of The 13th Ward? You'll have to visit to find out!

Starting tomorrow, Friday, September 30th, you can enter The 13th Ward.

In 1952, The 13th Ward was a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility. Even the most criminally insane psychopaths could walk out of the doors and be cured. But this wasn’t exactly the case, and many of the patients, including the horrible Dr. Thaddeus Munck, are still there haunting the place.

Now, you get to see them up close and personal! This may be an old insane asylum, but don’t let the fear take over you or else you’ll lose your mind! As you walk through the halls, some of the doctor’s patients my jump out at you, and you may even get to meet the doctor himself. Try not to scream too loudly!

The 13th Ward is located at 220 S Elm St in Jenks. You can get your tickets online, now!


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